Fifth-ish ain’t bad

30 Apr

Fort Madison United Way Celebrity Go-Cart RaceMaybe it was the wind (I’m tall), maybe it was the weight (I’m fat), or maybe it was the terrible racing skills (I’m the one that ran out of gas in a four-cylinder Wild Thing… twice!). Whatever it was, it was good enough for fifth place in the championship race!

Team Backslash tore up the track, until I got *stuck* on the final lap of the first heat. That’s right, another driver (sorry, didn’t catch her name) and I got stuck against a guard rail. Still, I was scored in third place which earned us a solid eight points. The uneventful sixth heat, my second, ended with Team Backslash in a solid third place.

Unfortunately sixteen points weren’t enough to make it into the final race. But wait! I’ve already given you the ending… Yep, I was the third-place money raiser!

The final race didn’t start well for Team Backslash. I drew Cart #7, the same tortoise that only managed a third place finish in my second heat. And it gets worse — good ol’ Number 7 (like the Grizzly Adams reference?) was parked in the outside of row three. That’s sixth place out of six carts for those racing-challenged.

Still, I gave it my all and ended up fighting off a certain Fort Madison hardware store owner, who shall remain nameless. Let’s just call him “Crash Kempker” for the sake of the story. So anyway, Crash and I stayed at the back of the back for pretty much the entire race. And I can thank Crash for my next chiropractor bill. I think the NO BUMPING sign fell off of the back of my cart on one of the first slams to the bumper. Ouch! We had a great race going for the back of the pack.

Seriously, thanks to EVERYONE that donated (there are too many to mention by name here… our bandwidth is billed by the word). Team Backslash raised over $300 for the Fort Madison United Way and overall, over $3000 was raised tonight. Great job to all the racers, even Crash, and congratulations to Kevin Adams from Lee County Bank on his 2010 Season Championship!

By the way, I think the only real doctor bill I’ll have is to wipe the smile off my face. Thanks, it was a blast!

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