Up again WAY too early…

26 Mar

Heather and I went to bed shortly after the kids last night. Usually we stay up at least a couple of hours later, but both of us were wiped out by yet another busy week. So, we streamed a couple of Parks and Rec episodes (thanks, Netflix!) and hit the sack.

About two and a half hours later, I was wide awake.   =(

So, I laid in bed for an hour or so, trying to get back to sleep. No luck. My mind began to dwell on all of the things I need to accomplish, both at work and in my personal life. I hate it when the week ends with unfinished work. I have two machines sitting at work that I wanted to get out the door by yesterday’s close of business.

ADD Moment: Why is my MacBook Pro running at 169 degrees? Sorry, just noticed that…

Well, at least there was entertainment for a while on the police scanner. A high-speed chase going south on Highway 61 — I picked it up when they were south of Montrose and heading towards Keokuk — ended up in a 10-50 in Keokuk. It’s been quiet since.

Another few things on my plate for the weekend: I’m taking the Cub Scouts to the Lee County Jail this afternoon (in about 12 hours). I’ve never been there (thank God!) so it’ll be just as interesting to me, I think. Also, Heather has big plans for the annual After-Cookie-Sales-Spring-Cleaning. Yay.   =(

I’m glad I’m posting this. I really miss writing and teaching; I’d like to do much more of both.

Hopefully we’ll talk soon. Take care!

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  1. TechDaddyK

    March 26, 2011 at 2:23 am

    BTW, HyperDock was running at full-tilt for some reason. That’s why my MBP was scorching my lap. Temp is down 40 degrees after stopping its process….