18 Apr

Decided it was time to check in. I’ve been HORRIBLE at keeping this updated, but I guess nobody reads it so what does it matter… Ha!

Anyway, things have been going great at Kent Nutrition Group. Since I’ve been there, I’m constantly amazed at how much there is for a web developer to do. But I’ve rebuilt numerous websites in the past year and a half and learned a ton in the process.

WevDevKev logoBut I’m writing tonight to talk about another exciting adventure in my life. Introducing WebDevKev!

Recently, CURE Solutions decided to get out of the web development business, so I agreed to help out their existing clients. This also has opened many opportunities for me as I’m now able to take on additional clients.

So, if you have an existing website that could use some updates, maintenances, or a facelift, give me a shout! I’d also be happy to build a brand new site for you, or help with social media networking for your business. I can handle pretty much anything web-related.

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