My Tech

Thanks to my TechVi buddy, Matt Burley, for sharing the idea of listing the technology that I use.

I’ll list a few things here and add to it when I think about it. Nothing too exciting….


My primary machine is an early-2008 15″ MacBook Pro. I upgraded both the RAM (4GB) and the hard drive (500GB, 7200rpm). When I’m at the office, I hook it up to a 20″ Acer LCD and use a Logitech S530 wireless desktop combo. I also use a Western Digital 1TB MyBook Studio for Time Machine backups, and a 320GB Verbatim external for archive purposes. Most of my scanning is done on my Canon LiDE 70. (I won’t go into ALL of the tech we have at work… it’s a frickin’ computer store, you know!) At home or on the road, it’s just my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and the MBP.

My wife uses a 13″ MacBook Pro. Not much exciting going on there… She still insists on using Microsoft Office. (blech!)

The kids use my first modern Mac, the mini. It’s hooked up to a 22″ Acer LCD, an Epson Stylus Photo 960 (to print directly on CDs and DVDs, an HP OfficeJet 7300, and an Iomega 500GB external.


I use a ton of different software… Some might call me a Software Junkie. So, I’m not going to list every single application that I use but will instead concentrate on the stuff I use all the time.

Google Chrome (developer track)
The Hit List
Photoshop CS4 Extended
VMware — Windows 7 and XP
….you get the idea!


At home, we have 20Mbps (supposedly) cable modem service distributed through an ancient Linksys Wireless G router. I have a very cool but little-used PogoPlug hooked up to an old 80GB laptop hard drive for access from anywhere on the Internet.

Phones and other gadgets

My wife and I each use an iPhone 3G, and my daughter has an Alcatel Tribe. The boy doesn’t have a phone… yet. We have had a Wii since shortly after they came out, and the kids have iPod touches and Nintendo DSs, too.

We have four point-and-shoot digital cameras between us — a Canon SD 800IS, a Canon SD 750, a Samsung and a Fujitsu something-or-another — and a Canon FS200 digital camcorder.

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