Backslash Race Night 2008

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The crew gets things ready for the Freebie Night!
Wow!  Chris is SMILING at the camera without middle fingers extended.  Wait a second... Matt, looking cool as always. Randy, eating as always.
Wake up, Matt. The custom-made computer system we gave away this year.
It took John Newkirk, our Service Manager, about 60 hours or so to shoe-horn a complete computer system into a model V-8 engine! Are we having fun yet?
Don't look behind you, John. Charlie's Angels?  I think not.
Time for the National Anthem. Cool sky! Everything's A-OK when Patt Mopejoy is on the job!
The drivers prepare for the 6-lap A special announcement - John's 10-year anniversary with Backslash!
John tells everyone how great I am.  No truer words have ever been spoken!   =) Randy tries to deflect the crowd's attention while Chris apparently poops on stage....  Disturbing.  Oh, wait, they're just shooting shirts!
More shooting of the shirts (while the contestants for the computer say Congratulating the winner of the Dash. Chris helps an injured Brigitte.
This pic's for you, Britt! The crew hard at work, as usual.
Photos 1 - 30 out of 51 | Back to Albums
Description: The annual Backslash Race Night for 2008
Location: Lee County Speedway, Donnellson, Iowa

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