LCS Awards Banquet 2009

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...and some ShamWows to shine up the 101. The Party Award -- a stainless steel cooler and a set of glowing cups.
Congrats to Jim Lynch's team for winning the Party Award. IMG_9368 Lights go out, the party gets started... And Heather gets loud.
Mike and Logan share a nap, eight feet from the speaker. Not sure what the drink was, but Here, take another swig of that crap you hated the first time.
The only slow dance of the evening Brittany posing. Logan, still napping.
IMG_9376 Aww... we're so cute together!
Heather and Brittany show Olivia some moves. Dad shows up to give some lessons of his own.
Pat Wehrle struts his stuff Pat Wehrle struts his stuff
The Chicken Dance! Guess what dance this is...
...and this.
Photos 31 - 60 out of 67 | Back to Albums

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