Lee County Speedway Racing Banquet… THE PARTY!

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Let the party begin! Shake it, Gramps!
Calm down, girls.
Look at ME!  Look at ME! Yes, that's me
The party is full swing now...
Britt looks so THRILLED to get a hug from What a lucky guy!
Heather with her mommy. Heather with her daddy. Terry, you have something on your mouth...
In-laws:  now Kevin-approved!
Notice the cracker bouncing off Britt's face. What's that, Britt?  Looks like you're going to say something...
Photos 1 - 30 out of 37 | Back to Albums
Description: Everyone had a great time - as always - at the banquet this year. [WARNING: Some photos may not be appropriate for younger audiences or select others! And there ARE worse pictures...]
Location: Comfort Inn, Fort Madison, Iowa

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