Washington, DC

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My first glimpse of the Washington Monument after stepping off the Metro. And facing the other direction. I like this pic with the sun in view.
A free Woodstock Anniversary concert just feet away from the Washington Monument. It was worth the price (as you can see by the
Didn't get a chance to get any closer than this to the Capitol. Maybe later this week... Look up from the base of the Washington Monument. Yes, another picture of the Washington Monument. You can't help but to take pics of it, it's an awesome sight.
World War II Memorial
I walked right through here and wasn't attacked once. Cool pic with the Capitol Building peeking from behind the Washington Monument.
Walking up to the Lincoln Memorial.
And there's the big guy himself. I do mean BIG.
Look familiar? Always wondered what was behind Lincoln. Nothing.
I like the angle of this shot.
Coming up on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Photos 1 - 30 out of 74 | Back to Albums
Description: Took a solo trip to DC for 6 days to attend the XChange 09 conference.
Location: Washington, DC

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